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Avoiding Emergency Heating Repair

Living in the Foothills means experiencing mostly pleasant weather throughout much of the year. California may not be known for its rough winters, but that doesn’t mean it’s always warm. Ensuring your heating system is prepared for the winter is extremely important, both to ensure that you and your family are comfortable the entire season through, and also to avoid the expenses of an emergency heating repair.

4 Reasons It’s Not Too Early for Heating Maintenance

The weather may still be gorgeous, but there’s no getting around the fact that fall is here in the Foothills. Cooler temperatures are on their way whether or not you want to admit it, and once they hit, they’ll be here to stay for a while. While you’ve no doubt spent the summer enjoying the beautiful weather and not thinking about your home heating system, it’s time to put things into perspective and consider focusing on heating maintenance. 

3 Expensive Reasons to Clean Your HVAC Filter Today

3 Expensive Reasons to Clean Your HVAC Filter Today

This sweet elderly customer of ours had the unfortunate experience of an AC breakdown this Summer. When we went out to her home to fix the unit, what we discovered made us shiver. While we’ve talked at great length about the benefits of heating and cooling maintenance, now it’s time to show you why we stress it.

Our Furnace Tune Up Checklist

Our Furnace Tune-Up Checklist

California Energy Services offers true preventative maintenance. If your furnace breaks down in the year following your tune up, we will credit the cost of the tune up and take 10% off your repair. The CES tune up is a thorough cleaning of your heating system.


Extending the Life of Your Heating System: We’ve Got the Perfect Solution

Extending the Life of Your Heating System: We've Got the Perfect Solution

Often, people take their heating systems for granted, letting the years pass and not taking a moment to ensure that everything is still running properly.  Even newer heating systems are subject to potential problems, which is why it’s essential for all homeowners to keep things running at peak performance, and a tune-up is often exactly what the doctor ordered.

Avoid a Costly Air Conditioning Breakdown this Summer

Air Conditioner Maintenance El Dorado Hills

While we may get a brief respite from the scorching heat this week, the forecast is calling for a another blast of 100 degree weather by the middle of next week with no rain in sight. This type of heat is the reality that we face all summer long. For those who live in homes with inadequate or under-performing air conditioning systems, it can be a very long and uncomfortable summer. 

“Blazing sunshine and hot” — is your AC ready?

Used In “Blazing sunshine and hot” — is your AC ready?

The heat in El Dorado Hills area is rising fast, is your air conditioner prepared? Regular maintenance with California Energy Services can ensure it will be.  Temperatures in the El Dorado Hills and Greater Sacramento area are rising, and broke 100 degrees last Monday and Tuesday. That kind of heat will be driving you indoors, where you’ll want to be able to relax in the cool air to get away from the sweltering sun. But will your air conditioner be up to the task? 

The Seasons Are Changing. Is Your Air Conditioner Ready?

The Seasons Are Changing. Is Your Air Conditioner Ready?

Across Northern California it’s starting to heat up. It reached 82 degrees in my house today! I was just using my heater less than a week ago, so the weather is turning quickly.  It’s important to get your air conditioner ready for the heat now before you need it the most. Here are a couple quick tips to make sure you aren’t caught off guard.