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Heating & Furnace Maintenance FAQs - California Energy Services

Heating System Maintenance FAQs:

California Energy Services knows that keeping your family comfortable and saving money on heat are your top priorities this winter. So we are offering a $68 Tune-up Deal that includes a cleaning and annual inspection of your heating system.

Why Should You Tune-Up Your System?

  • Lower Your Monthly Bills
  • Avoid Costly Winter Breakdown
  • Increase the Longevity of Your System
  • Improve Your Family’s Health

Why Do I Need a Tune-Up if My Heating System Isn’t Broken?

The adage “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?” simply doesn’t apply to your furnace.

Having a dirty or inefficient heating system can cause ongoing problems in your home and can even affect the air quality of your home. Most heating systems break when they are under the toughest conditions on cold winter nights when contractors are difficult to get a hold of. Don’t risk your family’s safety or health by waiting for your furnace to breakdown.

Will My Furnace’s Warranty Cover Repairs?

Most furnace warranties require you to have the equipment cleaned and repaired annually.

Why Is an Efficient Heating System Important?

A heating system operates with a combustion chamber that relies on clean air. When dirt builds up, this forces the combustion process to work with unclean air, which results in major issues. Ultimately, the overall performance of the heating system decreases.

Why Is Fall and Winter Tune-Up Important?

You would never service your car halfway through a long road trip. Having your equipment serviced before you need it to function at it’s best will save you time and money.

What if I Skipped a Year (or a Few Years)?

Don’t worry. Have a professional do a thorough tune-up and cleaning and you should be good for the season. The more often you have it maintained, the better so don’t forget to schedule another maintenance next fall!

What’s Involved in a Heating System Tune-Up?

  • A full-scale inspection of the system to identify problem areas and replace components that are beginning to wear out.
  • A complete cleaning of the entire furnace system, making sure that dirt buildup is removed so that friction and wear and tear are reduced, enhancing the efficiency of the furnace.
  • Full inspection of all related components, such as the ductwork and any add-ons like humidifiers or air cleaners.

How Can I Get in Touch with A Professional?

You can contact us and schedule an appointment to have a professional tune-up your heating system by calling (916) 737-1107.


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