Give Your Home an Extra Layer This Winter

Give Your Home an Extra Layer This Winter

The winter season is here and that means extra layers to deal with the cooler temperatures. While you’re pulling on those sweaters and socks for yourself, you may want to consider an extra layer for your home in El Dorado Hills as well.

Proper insulation and air sealing will stop air from leaking in under baseboards, floor registers, and windows and warm your drafty house once and for all. These measures will also make it much easier to control the temperature of your home, providing you with major savings on your heating and cooling bills all year long.

How Does Cold Air Get Into Your Home? Your Solution to Drafty Rooms Starts w/ Air Sealing & Insulation To Increase Energy Efficiency & Lower Usage and Costs

In winter, cold air penetrates your house via the many small gaps typically found in most homes, from the cracks in foundations to the eaves in the attic. The warm indoor air produced by your heating system rises and escapes through the openings in the upper portions of your home, around vents, plumbing, wiring, lighting fixtures and other small spaces you’d never even know were there. The result is an even colder, draftier house on cold days and nights when you’re trying hardest to stay warm.

The Solution to Your Drafty House

There are days when a sweater alone just isn’t enough to keep you warm outside. The wind seems to blow right through to chill your bones. Add a windbreaker, and you feel the difference immediately: the wind stays out and the warmth of your sweater stays close to your body.

Air sealing acts like a windbreaker for your house, and home insulation acts like a sweater. Unfortunately, most homes are not only under insulated but are also not properly air sealed, which leads to poor insulation performance. In order to prevent cold air from coming into your home, air sealing all the gaps and cracks is necessary. Paired with insulation (the sweater), your home will not only be more comfortable but will also be much more energy efficient which increases your energy bill savings.

Don’t Spend Another Winter In a Drafty House

Call the experts at California Energy Services for help with your drafty home. While air sealing and insulation are the most commonly recommended solutions, it’s a good idea to start with an energy audit. An energy audit takes all the guesswork out of creating a more energy efficient home. Our experienced energy diagnostics team will take a customized approach to your audit and help you find solutions that will fit your budget to create a warmer, healthier home and reduce your energy bills for years to come.

Improve your home’s energy efficiency with air sealing. Contact us or call (916) 737-1107 to schedule your appointment today.

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